How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at all times. Click on the link in the menu to cancel your membership.

After the cancellation you should receive a confirmation by email. If you do not receive the confirmation, please contact us in order to assure the cancellation process was carried out correct.

I have lost my username and password, what do I do?

If you have lost your username or password, you can use our ”reset password” function, where you simply enter your email address, and an email will be send with the username and password. Remember: Its extremely important that you use the email address you used during the signup process in order for the system to locate your informations.

If the system cannot find your details, or if you do not receive an email, please contact our support, which will assist you.

I cannot log in, why?

There can be several reasons for you not being able to log in:
* Your membership as expired or has been cancelled
* You have forgotten the correct username or password, or have misspelled it
* Your username and password have been compromised (ie: shared with others)

I have cancelled my membership, but payment haven’t stopped

Please contact our support right away.

How do I change my personal informations? (name, address, creditcard)?

For security reasons we only have limited access to these informations, and cannot make any changes to these.

Technical issues

The movies stops playing after a few seconds

This might be because your Adobe Flash version is out of date (older than version 9.115). Please update your Adobe Flash player to the latest version. Click here to download..

Either sound or video is missing

This issue can occur when using an out-of-date player. Please try to update your Windows Media Player, Adobe Flash Player.

Does your site work on Macintosh (Mac) computers?

Yes. In order to watch movies in Windows Media format, it require you install Windows Media Player for Mac or a Quicktime plugin named Flip4Mac. Click here to download..

How do I play downloaded FLV (Adobe Flash video) files on my computer?

Flash video files (ie: movie.flv) is a special movie format, which does not normally plays on home computers. If you are having problems playing them, you need a special video player.

The easiest way of playing FLV files is with Wimpy Desktop FLV Player (FREE). You need to install it on your system, and it can play FLV files from this site as well as other FLV files you might have on your computer.

Click here to download.



Phone: +45 8988 5030

Our phonesupport is open Monday-Friday 10-14. To ensure an efficient support process, please have your login ready. If you do not have your login, then use your email address or your card details.

Customer support is currently closed

Online support

Our online support is open 24/7, and will normally get a reply within a few hours. Remember to indicate your username and other information that may help us locate you in our system

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